Guides & Descriptions

Guides & Descriptions


1. Order Tips:

  1. Check details properly before ordering!!
  2. For order issues, the problem usually takes up 24-48 Hours to automatically solve itself. 
  3. Never change your profile username during the service which has been placed the order, it will be marked completed by your fault and mistake,
  4. Social Media Accounts MUST be public. The system at times rejects to follow private accounts. We will NOT refund if your account is private.
  5. Pending means start time in progressing mode. In progressing mode means, your order has been approved and scheduled to start instantly or within 24 hours depending on the availability of our servers. 
  6. If the order is completed but nothing added, Please check service details about drop ratio/completion ratio / no refill or refill server. In most cases, the system will correct itself and deliver the order but if the waiting period becomes more than 24hrs, kindly Request a new ticket for help.

2. Attention:

⚠️ Acknowledge that DROP RATE on most Instagram Follower services is VERY HIGH due to Instagram's constantly updating policies. We always strive to be ahead of the updates but kindly note that use the service at your own risk. 

⚠️We DO NOT guarantee your new followers will interact with you, we simply guarantee you to get the followers you pay for.

⚠️We DO NOT guarantee 100% of our accounts will have a profile picture, full bio, and uploaded pictures, although we strive to make this the reality for all accounts.

⚠️If you use the drip-feed feature. We can not  intervent ( refund / refill / cancel etc ).

3. Duplicate order warning:

  • If you are placing a duplicate link while 1 is already in process then it'll be your loss , no refunds for such orders will be made!
  • We can not guarantee the speed for any of the Instagram Followers Services, below 1$ /k They can be instant, very fast or may take up to 48 hours to get complete. We can not cancel any order once placed. Order Accordingly.
  • If your order has dropped under the start count, we will not refill your order. This is because your old followers are dropping and we are not covering your old orders. Thank you for your understanding.
  • If you have a problem with any order (Such as dropped, not completed). Please do not place another order before getting your Refund or Replacement for order, if you do so it will be your Loss. We will not provide refunds for such cases as we do not know which server/order gets delivered and which does not.
  • If your Followers/Likes Order is Partialled and service is with Guarantee, we will not offer any Refills/Refunds in such cases as we partial because of your old drops especially counts like 500k , 1m , 2m etc ,
  • If your order is dropped and you have placed new Order without refilling your old order. It will be your loss , we won't be able to help you in this case.