How To Buy Instagram Followers in Kenya Via Mpesa For As Low As 50 Bob!

How To Buy Instagram Followers in Kenya Via Mpesa For As Low As 50 Bob!

 Buying Instagram followers comes down to whether you want to boost your account organically or with a little help. Overall, buying Instagram followers is a valid investment in your Instagram account and business. You increase your credibility, social proof, brand awareness, and revenue quickly and efficiently. With you are always in compliance, and you grow your Instagram account in ways that take years organically.
To buy Instagram Followers in Kenya via Mpesa, follow the following steps: 
1. Visit 
2. Click on "Buy Instagram Followers"

3. Select an Instagram Followers Package you like and click the "Order Now" button. 
4. Fill in the Check-Out form with the correct details: Instagram URL Link (NOT USERNAME), your email address and then click "Place Order"
Example of Link:   (without the @ symbol)

TRICK: Log in to another account then copy the URL of your account from the other account by going to your profile menu. 
5. You will proceed to a new page, click "Initiate CrowdPay Payment"

6. Enter your Phone Number starting with 07... then press the "Pay" button. 
7. Wait for payment to show "Success" and redirect you to your order details. 

8. Proceed to your email address to get your order details. 
9. Repeat steps 1 to 8 as many times as possible. 
NOTE: The above steps apply to all the orders on our platform.