How To Make Ksh 100,800 Monthly on YouTube with Zero Capital & Zero Content!

How To Make Ksh 100,800 Monthly on YouTube with Zero Capital & Zero Content!

YouTube is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in Kenya. Part of its success in Kenya is because YouTube is the only social media platform that pays creators decently. 

Most Kenyan content creators make money from YouTube ADs shown before, during, and after videos. A few top content creators work with Top Brands in the country. What about the rest of the small YouTubers? Worry no more, is here. 

Today we learn how to make money selling YouTube Views. 

Follow the simple steps below: 

1. Visit

2. Click "Buy YouTube Views".

3. Select the YouTube Views Package you wish to Re-Sell.

- Select the YouTube views package that you can easily market to your friends and social media followers. 

4. Set a Smart Price: 

- YouTube views are one of the most sought-after digital services on the market right now. Many young youtube content creators are looking for views and better yet watch time to get their youtube accounts monetized. We sell both Views and Watch Time as well as subscribers here, but for this example, let's go with YouTube views. 

- 100 views cost Ksh 164 on You can set a price of Ksh 5 per view. Meaning, you will sell 100 vies for Ksh 500. 

-  This means, for every 100 views you sell, you will be making a profit of Ksh 336. 

- Target at least 10 Clients Daily and make Ksh 3,360 daily, that is Ksh 100,800 monthly. 

- Insist on selling only in multiples of 100 so that your maths can make sense. 

4.  Get Clients/ Market Your Services: 

- Make a Poster, if you can, promoting your YouTube views selling business. 

- Simply post on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, and all your social media accounts saying that you are selling YouTube views. 

- It's important to get clients first before making a purchase since you don't want to use your own money as initial capital. 

- Always ask for 50% payment as a deposit before you start working. Serious clients will pay, Jokers will not. Only work with serious clients. As for the 50% of the balance once you complete your job. 

5. Placing Client's Order on

- Once your client has paid the deposit, ask them to send you the link of the youtube video they want to promote. 

 - Follow the following steps to make payment & track progress: 

  • Visit¬†¬†

  • Click on "Buy YouTube Views"

  • Select the YouTube Views Package you like and click the "Order Now" button.¬†

  • Fill in the Check-Out form with the correct details and click "Place Order"

    *Remember to fill in your personal email and NOT the client's email. Do this to track progress of the order. 

  • You will proceed to a new page, click "Initiate JamboPay Payment"

  • Enter your Phone Number starting with 07... then press the "Pay" button.¬†

  • Wait for payment to show "Success" and redirect you to your order details.¬†

  • Proceed to your email address to get your order details and to track your order.¬†

  • Repeat steps 1 to 8 as many times as possible.

    Note: You can track any order on our website via

We have given you the information. Whatever you decide to do with it is YOUR decision.


It’s the political season in Kenya, think about politicians you can approach for social media jobs and you can WOW them with your secret source! Approach celebrities and musicians who want to grow on youtube as well. 

*If you got to this point and you still don't think you are ready to do this right now, kindly share the link to this page with someone who desperately needs a job. You don't know who's life you can change.