How To Make Ksh 46,200 Monthly Selling Instagram Accounts with Zero Capital

How To Make Ksh 46,200 Monthly Selling Instagram Accounts with Zero Capital

Let's learn how to make at least 46,200 monthly working once a week by selling Instagram accounts with ZERO Capital. 

Follow the steps below: 

1. Create a new Instagram account

- Add profile photo

- Add a simple bio

2. Visit

3. Buy the number of followers you want.

Tip: It’s cheaper to buy Mixed Followers and even cheaper if you buy more followers. (The Mixed Followers is an Offer Package ending on 31st Dec 2021)

- Set a minimum of 2,500 followers per account you sell. Selling an account with fewer followers might not bring you enough cash Quickly.

- It will cost you Ksh 950 to buy 2,500

4. Once you have your Instagram account with 2,500 followers that you bought for Ksh 950, it’s time to market your Instagram account services.

- Advertise it on your IG stories, WhatsApp stories, groups, Facebook etc. you can also do a broadcast message on WhatsApp.

5. Set a smart price. It’s safe to set your price between Ksh 3 per follower to Ksh 5 per follower. Beyond that, most people feel like you are too expensive. The lower you can go the more money you will make since you will get more clients.

- Best selling price for the 2,500 followers should be between Ksh 7,500 to Ksh 12,500 ( Ksh 3 - Ksh 5 per follower)

- At 5 bob, you will be making a profit of Ksh 11,550 per order of 2,500 followers.

- Target only 1 client a WEEK, don’t even work hard. Don’t bother yourself so much…With only one client a week you will be making a profit of Ksh 46,200 per month doing NOTHING!!

- Always ask for 50% payment as a deposit before you start working. Serious clients will pay, Jokers will not. 50% of Ksh 12,500 is Ksh 6,250. If you are selling followers at Ksh 5 per follower. You will already have made a profit of Ksh 5,300 as you wait for your Ksh 6,250 balance after you deliver the work which is in within an HOUR.

We have given you the information. Whatever you decide to do with it is YOUR decision.

PS: It’s the political season in Kenya, think about politicians you can approach for social media jobs and you can WOW them with your secret source!

*If you got to this point and you still don't think you are ready to do this right now, kindly share the link to this page with someone who desperately needs a job. You don't know who's life you can change.